Vadim Gadelshin

Vadim Gadelshin: ESR-5

Institute: JGU Mainz

Nationality: Russian

Working field: Remotely operated Laser Ion Source for radio lanthanide purification at medical cyclotrons

Overall mission: Design and test of new mass separator components to produce new medical isotopes

Tasks related to new mass separator components and designs:

  • consideration of Lu, Tb and Er isotopes as primarily requested radionuclides for the MEDICIS project;
  • for each desired element, it is required to identify a 2- or 3- steps laser ionization scheme;
  • specific development and refinement of the laser ion source cavity and unit at the JoGU off-line mass separator.

​- Tasks within new mass separator components testing:

  • characterization, testing and spectroscopic application of the JoGU Ti:Sapphire laser system for lanthanides;
  • optimization of the laser ionization efficiencies under typical conditions for the MEDICIS separator, e.g. at new ISOLDE off-line separator;
  • achievement of the high selective laser ionization for stable Lutetium isotopes

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