Roberto Formento Cavaier

Roberto Formento Cavaier: ESR-6

Institute: Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA)

Nationality: Italian

I will elaborate a feasibility study for a large scale production of selected isotopes using a middle sized high current cyclotron (ARRONAX) and the CERN-MEDICIS mass separation system.

The work will be to perform a explorative study based on theoretical analysis and Monte Carlo simulations in order to identify radioisotopes with favourable characteristics. Several parameters will be taken into consideration such as β-spectrum for therapy; γ emission for SPECT imaging; corresponding β+ emitting isotope to be used as companion diagnostic agent and favourable chemistry for targeted radio metabolic therapy suitability, effective production yield, for 30-70 MeV protons, target feasibility, effective extraction yield with the CERN-MEDICIS mass separation system.

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