Ioanna Prionisti – ESR-14


Ioanna Prionisti: ESR-14

Institution: UNIGE

Nationality: Greek

Working field: Brachytherapy for brain tumours using nuclear medicine isotopes produced at the CERN-MEDICIS facility.
At the end of the chain of MEDICIS-PROMED, the isotopes produced at the CERN-MEDICIS facility are shipped to clinical centers for preclinical research studies. Once delivered at the Geneva University Hospitals, the isotopes will be implanted in rodents to assess their efficacy for the treatment of brain tumors. The project focuses on developing new instruments and delivery methods for brachytherapy and investigates the impact and efficiency of these methods at the cellular and organ levels. In particular, the project investigates how brachytherapy affects the brain’s microvasculature and immune system. New isotopes with specific types of emission, tissue penetration and half-life will be developed at the CERN-MEDICIS facility and systematically tested. Implantation will be performed with stereotactic and/or image-guided placement of coated particles based on magnetic resonance imaging.



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