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36 months

Work package

WP1, D1.3: Remotely operated Laser Ion Source for radiolanthanide purification at medical cyclotrons

Recruiting partner

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany


Efficient mono-isobaric ion beam production via elemental selective laser ionization

Expected results

Each chemical element needs a defined 2- or 3-step laser ionization scheme. Terbium, Lutetium and Erbium isotopes will first be considered, using solid-state diode lasers that are better suited for remote operation. The ion source cavity (length, material, temperature) at the mass separator will afterward be developed to increase the ionization efficiencies. Finally a fully automated control software and monitoring will be implemented to foresee its transfer at a medical cyclotron.

Enrolment for PhD at

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

Planned secondment(s)

HUG, Switzerland – 6 months – setting up and test of atomic vapour cell-laser system at HUG cyclotron


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