Post no.



36 months

Work package

WP1, D1.5: Production of 149/152Terbium theranostics isotopes at CERN-MEDICIS and shipping

Recruiting partner

CERN, Switzerland


To define the proper operational conditions and safety boundaries for the production and shipping of radioisotopes from radioactive ion beams

Expected results

The CERN-MEDICIS facility is the first facility to start operation for the production of medical isotope batches by mass separation. The necessary engineering validation and documentation steps will be elaborated for its safety file. This includes the procedure and design of isotope batch collection chambers, coupling of radiochemical purification modules to the isotope mass separator. The efficiencies for the collection of 149/152Terbium will be determined, and different engineering systems, such as targets and ion sources will be selected and optimized to achieve the best figures.

Enrolment for PhD at

EPFL, Switzerland

Planned secondment(s)

ILL, France – 5 months – Production of the complementary 161Terbium & mass separation of 163Erbium


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