Annie Ringvall-Moberg


Annie Ringvall-Moberg: ESR-1

Institution: CERN

Nationality: Swedish

The ISOLDE facility at CERN is used to produce radioactive isotopes by bombarding a target made out of e.g. uranium carbide with protons. Each target is prior to being installed at the on-line facility tested at an off-line facility, which is a small independent isotope separator. As of today, ISOLDE has only one off-line facility which essentially is occupied by target testing. A second off-line system, Offline 2, consisting of an ion source, a mass separator and an RFQ cooler, is currently under construction. Offline 2 will mainly be used for developments of ion sources and for development of beam manipulation methods using the RFQ cooler. The RFQ cooler, which essentially is a copy of an RFQ installed at the on-line facility, makes it possible to improve energy spread and divergence of the ion beam emitted from the ion source.

My primary task will be to take part in the construction and commissioning of the new isotope separator, along with its RFQ cooler. Furthermore, I will investigate laser induced molecular break-up processes at ISOLDE.


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