Alice D'Onofrio

Alice D'Onofrio: ESR-8

Institute: IST Portugal

Nationality: Italian

Working field: Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of Terbium-161 complexes as innovative tools for the imaging and treatment of ovarian cancer. 

The radiometal will be stabilized by a macrocyclic bifunctional chelator that will be conjugated to a tumor-specific MAb fragment and to Acridine Orange, a well-known DNA intercalator with high affinity for DNA, ensuring the proximity of 161Tb to the DNA in the nucleus of the tumor cells necessary for the therapeutic effect of short-range Auger electrons emitted by the radioisotope. Moreover, the conjugation of such bifunctional chelator to NIR probes is as well envisaged, in order to obtain bimodal probes with useful application for imaging.

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